CargoTaxi is one of Toronto’s most trusted names for moving. For more than 27 years, we’ve moved our customers’ possessions safely, helping them to plan and execute moves big and small, all across Toronto. Whether your family or business plans to move a large item between two locations or the entire contents dof your home across the province – CargoTaxi is your one-stop for moving in Toronto.

From the moment our team books a move to the second the last box arrives safely at a customer’s new home, we stand by our customers every step of the process. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage with zero deductible. We have a firm grasp on every aspect of moving and are experts at moving odd items; pianos, fine art and antiques are handled with care!

We maintain strong relationships with our customers by accommodating any moving request through a team of experienced movers. Customer moves are never double booked and we cushion our bookings to avoid delays. CargoTaxi understands that moving requires experience and the confidence to move any item. Our team of expert movers is well paid and each has over 10 years of moving experience.

CargoTaxi also handles more than just residential moves. Our team of expert movers has successfully moved various small businesses in Toronto. We will accommodate any moving request and work around our customers’ schedule and budget.

We do not let our customers down and help them through last minute changes.  Our team of expert movers is also available to help customers with or without the use of our trucks—we can help you pack, load and unpack.

So whether you’re planning a residential or office relocation, give CargoTaxi a call. We’re ready and available to handle your precious cargo while ensuring reliable, experienced and accommodating service is delivered every time.

We listen to our customers and encourage feedback— if you are an existing customer, write us and let us know what you think!


INDOORS&OUT has used CargoTaxi delivery services for over 15 years. We know that they are competent, reliable and accommodating.

- Warren G., General Manager