CargoTaxi is committed to be Toronto’s foremost, short-notice, large-item delivery service. We deliver large items in the same way couriers deliver small packages.

We respect our customers’ time. We offer short-notice delivery on the date and time they request. We always arrive on time and never make our customers wait.  

We simplify our customers’ deliveries by accommodating any request and remain open and available any hour of the day.

We understand that most deliveries are time sensitive and so we help our customers by accommodating their time and budget. We pro-rate our deliveries by the quarter-hour instead of by the hour. We cater to delivery windows by specifying within one hour (or less) when we will arrive at a customer site.

We simplify large item deliveries by working through our customers’ challenges and help them find the right solution. We have delivered every type of item; from large sculptures to fine furniture, we have the confidence to deliver anything.

If you are a photographer, artist, sculptor, gallery owner, interior designer, buyer or seller, CargoTaxi has the right solution for you!


INDOORS&OUT has used CargoTaxi delivery services for over 15 years. We know that they are competent, reliable and accommodating.

- Warren G., General Manager